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Global Gaming for Good

Every child deserves a loving home, time to play, and education.
SOS-Kinderdörfer weltweit want to bridge this gap, offering equal chances for education and digital skills.

The mission: Digital equality for kids and teens in the Global South!

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Jasna Wiedemeier


“The easiest way to benefit from crypto donations without compliance headaches. Aiddrop is a gateway to a new generation of young and involved donors.”

Titus Dittmann - skate-aid

Titus Dittmann


“I'm not quite up to date with all the developments of WEB 3.0 yet, but I'm excited about what's possible. It opens up a whole new range of fundraising possibilities for us at skate-aid! Thank you and Aiddrop for the support, together we empower kids!”

Sascha Rinklef


“I'll donate through Aiddrop again any time! Why? The best good causes, with the coolest and most transparent technology and a great team that I trust 100%!”

Thorsten Decker


“Transparency at a new level. The proof of donation grants direct access to NPOs and likeminded donors.”



“Donating ETH has never been easier. I can stay anonymous first and choose to KYC and get my official tax receipt later.”

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