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Reach the young target group and use the full potential of Web3!
Discover our workshops and product packages specifically created for non-profit organizations.

Mission PODs

Basic Package

Listing your organization in our missions.

  • Sharing donations with NPOs
    of the same mission
  • Donors decide how much %
    goes to Aiddrop
Skatedonate POD


Providing your own mission with individual "Proof of Donation".

Yearly subscription: 490€
one-time technical setup: 950€
  • Direct payment to your organization
  • Priority access to the
    Web3 community
  • Donors decide how much %
    goes to Aiddrop
Skatedonate POD

Guided Campaign

Guided donation campaign with individual "Proof of Donation”.

Technology and Concept:
from 10.000€
(according to effort)
  • Direct payout to your organization
  • Proactive scouting and involvement of the Web3 scene
  • Collaborative conception
  • incl. workshop “Web3 for NPOs”
  • Donors decide how much %
    goes to Aiddrop

Our offer fits to your non-profit organization if

... you have not yet found access to the young target group.
... you are completely unaware of how to communicate on the web3.
... you are currently doing everything on a learning-by-doing basis and this takes too long for you.
... you are striving for sustainable fundraising.
... you don't know how to get started and would like some guidance.
... you have no idea how to build a community.
... you are open to dare more transparency.
... you are ready to try something new.

Who you learn with:

Your experts

Our workshop team includes our co-founder Rainer Rother, Catrin Lipcan, Dr. Kathleen Löwe and Dr. Kai Fischer. With us, non-profit organisations and associations from all sectors learn how to adapt their communication strategy to the young target group from Web3.

You don't get a ready-made method, a standard strategy or "magic formulas". Instead, we teach you the tools you need to establish good storytelling, build a community and design successful fundraising campaigns.
Kai Fischer

Dr. Kai Fischer

Passionate fundraiser, creates business plans and strategies for NPOs, storytelling expert.

Dr. Kathleen Löwe

Dr. Kathleen Löwe

Art Expert, Public Relations, Marketing and Communication.

Rainer Rother

Rainer Rother

Serial Social Entrepreneur. Building since 2003. Passion for tech, businessmodels and value proposition.

Catrin Lipcan

Catrin Lipcan

Head of NPO Partnerships.

What you get

  • Access to the young target group
  • Individual advice and feedback
  • Targeted content that will revolutionize your fundraising

What you don't get

  • Long videos with complicated explanations
  • "Magic formulas" or ready-made templates – every NPO is individual
  • An online-only course with no guidance, leaving you feeling alone

Your Aiddrop certificate!

Aiddrop certificate
When you have successfully completed the workshop, we will give you and your NPO a certificate that you can use as a reference.

You are also welcome to hang it as a reminder in a place where you can always keep an eye on it. This way you can remember everything you have learned and the effort you have made for your organization.
That's what I want!

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